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Book Summary PDF   This excerpt includes the first section of Chapter 7, which is a summary of the Biblical description of the New Testament church (and also a summary of the first 6 chapters of this book).  The excerpt also includes the Table of Contents and the Preface.

"We Want a King" PDF   This excerpt discusses the parallel between Israel's desire for a king, and the preference of many believers to have a clear human leader to their spiritual community.

The vast majority of Western Christians assume that church as we know it is somehow patterned after New Testament norms, with our services, our pastors and priests and our Sunday morning sermons. "Rediscovering The New Testament Church" gently challenges that assumption, meticulously uncovering the New Testament description of what God calls the church.

Have we perfected what God set in motion or did we "fix" what was never broken in the first place?

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Meet the Author

Anthony was born and raised in the South of England. In 1984 he immigrated to the United States with his first wife Elizabeth. They have two adult children. For nearly a decade they were part of a house church is the Philadelphia area, which they co-founded. They moved to Denver, where they co-founded another house church. These house churches loved Anthony through Elizabeth's illness, as he grieved her death, and as he entered into the joy of remarriage to Lisa.

Anthony was raised in a church-going family and came to personal faith in Jesus at about 10 year old. He participated in a range of churches and was active in ministry, including church leadership. Over a two to three year period God prepared his heart for the move to house church. Subsequent to this move he started studying New Testament teaching concerning church leadership and the nature of the New Testament church. He was amazed at the coherence of the picture that developed through this study. Gradually, it became clear to him that these notes were becoming a book.

What Are People Saying?

"Anthony has carefully compiled, organized and given commentary on the many aspects of how the life of Christ continued and was expressed in the 1st Century 'ekklesia'. I think it is safe to say that Anthony has left no stone unturned when it comes to 'ekklesia-life'!  I have read this book twice, and he has indeed done a masterful job of giving the flavor and ethos of the exciting New Testament story....  In our culture of small bytes, Rediscovering the New Testament Church will challenge readers with huge chunks! for those who are daring, curious and seeking, this book will spread out a feat of the supernatural narrative revealed in early church life."

Jon Zens, author of The Pastor Has No Clothes and 58 to 0: How Christ Leads Through the One Anothers


"Brother Anthony has done the kingdom of God and its citizens a great favor by laboring in the vineyard to create this important book.  The average Sunday morning 'worship service' as we know it today is neither described nor prescribed in the New Covenant record!  And this book is another excellent resource to set the record straight as to what exactly are the traditions that we today should follow, thereby bringing the Father pleasure in every respect.  I especially enjoyed and was edified by Brother Anthony's vital comments on holy leadership according to Christ.  May this work have a broad readership ...and most vital, real life application for changed lives."

- Marc White, Director of Walk Worthy Ministries.

"This book provides a fascinating in-depth look at the nature of the early church in the pages of the New Testament.  But, it also gives practical suggestions about how the church can function effectively today, by doing away with some of the unhelpful inherited traditions and mentalities many grew up with.  It is sure to provide some challenging ideas for those rethinking what the church is really meant to be and what it is meant to do."

- Rad Zdero, PhD., author of The Global House Church Movement and Letters to the House Church Movement.

“The vast majority of Western Christians assume that church as we know it is somehow patterned after New Testament norms, with our services, our pastors and priests and our Sunday morning sermons. ‘Rediscovering the New Testament Church’ will lovingly, and completely change that mindset.  Fasten your seat belts, it's a long and exhilarating ride!”

- Tony Dale, a Founder of House2House and CEO of Sedera Health.