The following book excerpts and other writings are available as FREE PDF downloads.

Book Excerpts

Book Summary   This excerpt includes the first section of Chapter 7, which is a summary of the Biblical description of the New Testament church (and also a summary of the first 6 chapters of this book).  The excerpt also includes the Table of Contents and the Preface.

“We Want a King”   This excerpt discusses the parallel between Israel’s desire for a king, and the preference of many believers to have a clear human leader to their spiritual community.

Other Topics

Divorce and Remarriage    This paper considers the topic of divorce and remarriage through the lens of New Testament house church practices. Some of the difficult issues associated with this topic are addressed through this under explored perspective.

House Church DNA   This document summarizes key aspects of New Testament style house churches. 

PreMarriage Questions   Some questions that may be helpful to discuss before marriage, and which may also be helpful for couples who are already married.